Jeff Zuckerman

Managing Member

Jeff Zuckerman

Current Responsibilities

Jeffrey is currently Managing Member of Binyon Properties Ltd. and Z.G. Properties, LLC, Ohio based Limited Liability Companies. He is also operations manager for Kingston Estates Management, LLC. These are full service real estate investment and management companies specializing in real estate opportunity.

Presently, Jeff has close to 3000 units under his direct control and has been active in various other aspects of real estate for over 25 years.

Past Experience

Prior to opening Binyon Properties Ltd. and working full time in real estate, Jeff’s entrepreneurialism brought him to own a chain of dollar stores and other retail and service businesses.

Concurrently he purchased, remodeled and rented multifamily homes and invested in commercial real estate.

Real Estate Specialties

Jeff has been active in all aspects of real estate. His specialty is acquiring undervalued properties that may need managerial changes, physical upgrades or both in order to reposition the property and upgrade the tenant and raise the rent roll significantly.

He operates his own rehab crew for more significant and efficient projects. He is proficient in all aspects of management, maintenance, rehab and human resources. He has received letters of appreciation for his level and quality of turnaround projects from city officials.


Jeff’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBA) from Touro College. He has taken applicable real estate course work. Jeff has also taken electrical code courses and was previously state licensed for fire alarm installation and maintenance. Jeff is also a Certified PDP administrator.

People Skills

Jeff specializes in team building, sales training and motivational speaking with regards to the property management industry. He runs monthly employee meetings covering all of these aspects. He is an effective efficient problem solver who has the ability to bring out the best out of his employees, which in turn, brings out the best of his properties.